How-To Deal With Family Members at the Dinner Table This Holiday Season

by in Family, Holidays November 25, 2019

How to avoid the “D” word during the holidays Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a family member or friend make a big deal out of your diet or wellness regime! (I know I’m raising mine.) With Thanksgiving later this week, many of us will be spending time with family and friends. And while […]

Tips For A Stress-Free Holiday – Tip #1

by in Holidays, Stress November 14, 2019

Check out my first tip for a Stress-Free Holiday Season! And then, check back in a few days for tip #2!! Ohhh, they are good! PS – Grab my FREE eBook: Healthy & Delicious Holiday Drinks for every occasion to make sure you’re setting yourself up for success this holiday season! Don’t drink your calories, […]

Upgrade your day with this drink from the 1700’s

by in drink, Uncategorized October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween! In the spirit of celebration, I’ve got an old-timey recipe for you in this email that is a great upgrade to your mid-afternoon coffee or tea (and especially any sodas you might be drinking!). It’s a classic recipe that dates back to the 1700’s – but it’s making a comeback. It’s called a […]

5 Spook-a-licious (and healthy) Halloween recipes!

by in Halloween, healthy snacks, Uncategorized October 29, 2019

The other day I came across some pretty scary Halloween statistics. As millions of people around the world get ready for Halloween, we’re spending upwards of $9 billion to get ready for the holiday! (WHAT!) And 95% plan to buy … you guessed it! … candy. I mean, who doesn’t love to get dressed up […]

How to get your kids to give up their Halloween candy

by in Halloween, Sugar October 21, 2019

Halloween is coming and if you’ve got kids, you know that can mean candy overload! In fact, according to data from 2013, the average child will eat about 3 cups of sugar on Halloween…OH. MY. GAWD! That’s equal to 220 sugar packets! That’s over 16 times the recommended amount of sugar. GASP! I’ve got a […]

This 5-Minute strategy will change your life

by in Goals, Mindset, Self Care October 15, 2019

Good morning! Confession: I love notebooks, journals, and planners. Confession, part two: I have a stack of them that I haven’t used in months on my bookshelf! (oops!) But there is one kind of “upgraded” journaling I do every single day and I recommend it to everyone. It was designed specifically to help you “focus […]

Don’t Change Your Habits, Upgrade Them!

by in Uncategorized October 2, 2019

Goo-oooo-oood morning!! Happy Wednesday! Let’s get fired up this month and get ready to make some SIGNIFICANT progress on our goals. Are you with me? (Once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader, I guess). You know I’m ALL about mindset. So I have a very simple mindset idea for you today. It can make the difference […]

How to hack your hormones and improve your mood

by in Uncategorized September 26, 2019

I hope you’re having a great week! I’ve got some fitness advice for you this morning when it comes to relieving stress. If you’re like many people I talk to, you might take this advice as extra stress and added pressure … but NO WORRIES! I have your back, 100%! One of the very best […]

Amazing Drink That Calms You Down & Gives You Energy

by in Uncategorized September 23, 2019

Good morning! I hope you’re off to a great start on your week! If you like DIY recipes like I do, I’ve got a special treat for you in this email (and if you don’t, no worries, I’ve got you covered too!). There’s a reason so many people sit down to relax with a cup […]